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Country Line Dancers

One of the more popular activities these days is country line dancing. Even if you’re a non-country fan, you must admit line dancing is contagiously-fun! As enjoyable line dancing is, it’s hard for some people to confidently shake their stuff in public. Thankfully, our instructors teach you all the moves so you can dance confidently and freely. Whether you’re throwing a party and want everyone to get involved, invite Green Light’s exclusive professional country line dance instructors to teach your guests a country dance routine.

country line dancing

Green Light’s high-stepping, attractive dancers can provide an exhibition dance with twirling and stunts! But they can also teach country line dancing to your guests and keep the party interactive and fun. It only a short time to learn their routines!

Depending on the type of event you’re planning, costumes can conservative country western or Las Vegas style. The country western costumes have no bare midriffs, exposed cleavage or short skirts for the women. Both male and female attire will consist of blue jeans, western shirts, hats, belts and boots.

The Las Vegas style may include bare midriffs or more leg showing. For an incredibly-fun, interactive experience for your guests, invite the Green Light Country Line Dancers to your next event.